The NPA is a statutory Agency regulating, overseeing and monitoring the petroleum downstream industry in Ghana to ensure efficiency, growth and stakeholder satisfaction.


To be a Catalyst for Economic Transformation and Growth.


To Regulate, Oversee and Monitor the Petroleum Downstream Industry in Ghana for Efficiency, Growth and Stakeholder Satisfaction

Objectives & Functions

The Commission is committed to adhering to the highest professional ethics and individual integrity and other values that include

  • The object of the Authority is to regulate, oversee and monitor activities in the petroleum downstream industry and where applicable do so in pursuance of the prescribed petroleum pricing formula.
  • To achieve the objective, the Authority shall
    (a) monitor ceilings on the price of petroleum products in accordance with the prescribed petroleum pricing formula;
    (b) grant licenses to applicants under this Act;
    (c) maintain a register and keep records and data on licenses, petroleum products and petroleum marketing service providers;
    (d) provide guidelines for petroleum marketing operations;
    (e) protect the interests of consumers and petroleum service providers;

(f) monitor standards of performance and quality of the provision of petroleum services;
(g) initiate and conduct investigations into standards of quality of petroleum products offered to consumer;
(h) investigate on a regular basis the operation of petroleum service providers to ensure conformity with best practice and protocols in the petroleum downstream industry;
(i) promote fair competition amongst petroleum service providers;
(j) conduct studies relating to the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the downstream industry;
(k) collect and compile data on
(i) international and domestic petroleum production, supply and demand,
(ii) inventory of petroleum products, and
(iii) pricing of petroleum products

Click here to download National Petroleum Authority Act, 2005 Act 691

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